I have always lived my life in one of two extremes. Either I am a functional human being that is organized and responsible…or I am drowning in chaos and depravity.

Picking up the pieces of my own life got pretty exhausting, so I had to make some big changes. I made the choice to walk away from my demons for good. Now I follow the path of plans, lists, and schedules to keep my life in check.

Organizing Chaos 101 focuses on my experience parenting two under two, teaching, working from home, finances…and anything I have found helpful to get my life on track after years of living in chaos. If I am lucky, my content might help another poor soul back to sanity.

Who am I?

organizing chaos 101

I am a graduate student, I teach elementary science and also work an assortment of odd-jobs on the side to make ends meet. I am a new mother juggling my past financial mistakes with my current adult responsibilities, so being thrifty is a huge part of my journey.

 I consider myself a life long student…I’ve studied art, photography, nursing, education, and now counseling. I am naturally curious and perhaps that’s why teaching science became my first steady job. I am always investigating new ideas and experimenting with the outcome. I hope my existence as a jack of all trades can be of use to someone out there.

The ultimate goal of my blog is to help people struggling with everyday life…whether it be parenting, teaching, budgeting, or saving money. The other goal is to give me a place to record, reflect, and revise myself when needed.

Follow me as I strive to be a better person and parent, and maybe earn some extra money along the way!

Mary’s work is being featured in the upcoming audio book “Nevertheless We Persisted: Me Too” from Blunderwoman Productions.

Work with me!

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Visit me at the Sockmonkey Science blog to read more about my elementary school science teaching experiences.