How to prevent and treat newborn dry skin issues.

Who doesn’t love the feel and look of baby soft skin? Unfortunately, most new parents are in for a surprise when they notice their baby’s skin seems to be peeling off. You will probably start to notice dry skin issues and cradle cap soon after their first bath. Both of my sons were blessed with scaly dry skin around their hairline, face and chest, in addition to the normal skin shedding you would expect to see from a growing infant. Don’t worry, dry skin is a totally normal thing, and luckily, I have figured out a super easy way to fix these issues that shouldn’t cost you a dime.

Bath time is the catalyst, but it is also the cure. Here’s what you need to do.

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1. Make sure you have some baby lotion on hand. It doesn’t matter what kind, unless your baby has sensitive skin and requires a special formula.

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2. Give your baby a bath like you normally would. However, don’t immediately dry them off. While their skin is still wet, grab the lotion and apply it generously to the affected areas, and then spread the rest out normally over their body. (Do this quickly so they don’t catch a chill!)


3. Wrap your baby up in a towel, and proceed to dry them off. This is where the magic happens. You know how when you apply lotion to dry skin, it crumbles and makes a huge disgusting mess that you have to pick off of their face? This prevents that from happening. The towel works as an abrasive that rubs the extra moistened skin off gently, and the dead skin sticks to the towel.

4. Apply another layer of lotion once the baby is dry.

5. Go about your business and enjoy your soft, new baby.

If your baby has extra stubborn dry skin, you can add this solution to Step 2.

While your baby is still in the bath, apply lotion liberally to the worst areas. Use a wash cloth to gently scrub the skin. Be careful when you rinse this off, because the lotion can irritate baby’s eyes. I recommend a second, clean damp wash cloth to wipe the excess lotion off after you scrub the area.

In case you were thinking I am some kind of super genius, I actually got this idea from a commercial advertising lotion you put on IN the bath tub for adults. It makes so much sense!

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2 thoughts on “How to prevent and treat newborn dry skin issues.

  1. shireengm8 says:

    Thank you so much!! My bestie recently was blessed with baby daughter and she was mentioning about dry skin issues. I’ll share her your blog. Pretty she will find this useful. 🙂

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