Resource Kit for New Texas Science Teachers (Upper Elementary)

In Texas, 5th grade is the first year the STAAR test is administered to students, so it’s kind of a big deal. Because of this, I found that there were a ton of helpful resources out there for fifth grade, but not so much for sixth. In fact, I ended up writing about half of my own materials for that class during my first year! Here is a list of the most useful resources I have found to get you started.

Need tips for surviving being a science teacher? Look here!

1. Teachers Pay Teachers. Duh, right? There are so many options, and I am including the best, most high quality products I have found and used. Trust me, save yourself the money. I’ve tried A LOT of different products from TPT, and these are as good as it gets for Texas science teachers. (Scroll to the bottom of the post for my favorite TPT Freebies!)

5th Grade Science 

Science Doodles. I am a huge fan of the ISN (interactive science notebook) and this bundle caters to that in a unique way with printables designed specifically to fit into a composition notebook. This lady literally has an entire year’s bundle of every TEKS vocabulary unit for each week, plus the foldables, lab activities, group projects, writing prompts, art activities, and quizzes to go with it! I highly recommend this for any first year teacher in Texas. I used it almost exclusively my first year, and still rely on it heavily now. It is cute, simple, and well put together. I have found minor errors in it, but definitely worth the money. She also sells these items a-la-cart, and has branched out into other subjects if you are self-contained.

Science Penguin.If cutesy, artsy fartsy ISN’s aren’t your thing, fear not. Science Penguin has a comprehensive catalog of printable activities just for you! If you don’t have the funds for this entire bundle, she also offers the items for individual sale. They are very well organized and easy to find.

6th Grade Science

Kesler Science ISN Bundle. Remember how I said there wasn’t a lot of material for sixth graders since it isn’t a STAAR year? This resource is not TEKS specific, but it is the most high quality and comprehensive I have found for ISN activities and I use them quite often. It includes all of the same units we need for sixth grade science in Texas, plus a few upper level activities. This isn’t cartoony and cute, but I think that makes perfect for the maturing sixth grade level. Sixth grade is more academically rigorous, and these materials reflect that. He also offers many other items, and I am sure they are excellent too.

Sockmonkey Science 6th Grade Vocabulary. Yea, that’s me. I couldn’t find ANY comprehensive vocabulary resources for sixth grade, so I wrote my own. These are TEKS specific vocabulary of instruction in presentation form. It has all the words you need for introducing each unit, making a pretty word wall, or just studying for yourself. Offered in bundles or individually. Just a heads up, I am working on a comprehensive activity bundle for sixth grade, so stay tuned.

Nitty Gritty Science ISN Bundle. This is the only TEKS specific bundle I have found for sixth grade, and I haven’t tried it yet. However, the reviews seem positive.

Honorable Mention – Getting Nerdy with Mel and Gerdy. Seriously, with a name that cute, how can you go wrong? They have some fantastic resources that I have used to supplement my sixth grade curriculum.

2. The Elementary and Middle School Science Teachers of TX. As TPT has proven,  your fellow teachers are a valuable resource. This Facebook group is full of teachers across the state with wonderful information and lesson ideas.  There are some seriously creative people here.

3. lead4ward. If you haven’t visited this website, you should. It is an excellent quick reference guide to state standards, TEKS, vocabulary, scaffolding, student learning reports, and more. They also have an app available which is SUPER convenient. It has everything you need to know about what you are teaching, it’s easier to navigate than the state websites, and it is free. Check out their resources here.

4. Donors Choose.  I WISH I knew about this my first year. Donors Choose is like GoFundMe for teachers, and it is invaluable for a science teacher because we need SO many materials. I found out about it in 2016, and since then, I have gotten several projects funded, including a science library, furniture for the science library area, lab kits, and a set of 8 digital cameras for my after school photography club. It is amazing. Sign up even if you don’t feel comfortable publically begging for donations, because sometimes a big sponsor will donate materials for specific areas you can apply for. That is how I got my lab kits. Visit

5. Spangler Science. This is a YouTube channel, and he has videos explaining a wide variety of concepts in a humorous way. Think Bill Nye for this generation. I like to supplement our lessons and labs with these videos. The kids LOVE him. They don’t even complain when it’s raining and we have to stay in for recess because they love him THAT much. Watch him here!

6. STEMscopes. If your district requires a technology station like ours does, push to get this program. It is the only TEKS aligned online course system available but it is really, really good. You assign different TEKS specific activities to the students including reading passages, visual vocabulary, videos, interactive labs, science games, writing activities, art activities, and more. It is an engaging program with more than enough activities for each standard to keep the students occupied all week in technology station. It also has printable resources. Read more about the STEMscopes program.

7. TPT Freebies!!!


The Owl Teacher Free Vault

Scientific Method Cubing Activitiy

Metric Monster

Measurement Conversion Chart

Metric System Conversion

Nutrition Project

Oreo Nutrition

Science Websites

All About ME FREEBIE by Science & Math Doodles

5th Grade

Everything I will LEARN this Year LIST for ISN

Free Lab Team Roles

Density Column Worksheet

Movin’ Through Matter Science Literacy Task Cards & Activities

Understanding Force and Motion

Optical Tools and Lenses Study Guide

Weather and Climate Powerpoint by Science Doodles

The Water Cycle Interactive Notebook BUNDLE

Earth Science STAAR-Sedimentary Rocks and Fossil Fuels

Conservation Interactive Notebook Foldable

6th Grade

Periodic Table License Plate Assignment

Elements – Word Search FREE! {Editable}

Atoms and Periodic Table of the Elements Crossword Puzzle

Get to Know the Elements: a Periodic Table in Pictures Scavenger Hunt

Atoms, Elements and Compounds Worksheet

The Periodic Table of Elements Coloring Book (Sample)

Science Journal: Periodic Table Compact Combo Guide

Practice Using the Periodic Table

Mystery Phrases I Elements

Simple Machine Raps

Simple Machines

Graphing Motion I – Position-Time Graphs

Distance and Displacement Worksheet

Thermal Energy and Heat Vocabulary Puzzle

Guided Inquiry Lesson – Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration

Taxonomy – Classification of Life Overview

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