Magic Ears: Making the Jump

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As many veteran teachers have noticed, VIPKID is not the lucrative side job it once was. I am almost done with contract #3, and currently am only getting booked about 3/45 slots each month. VIPKID is still great for some people, but it seems I am on the unspoken list of teachers getting phased out. I was really counting on VIPKID this summer for extra income because I am due with baby #2 in September, so needless to say I am quite disappointed.

Fortunately, as VIPKID grows, so does its competition. Power house teachers like Hope Williams are even jumping ship, and the most popular destination for the VIPKID alumni seems to be Magic Ears. I have decided to give it a try, and recently submitted my application.

Magic Ears has a very similar class and pay structure to VIPKID, except you teach four students at once instead of one on one. You need to open 10 slots (5 hours) and be available at least three days a week. Classes are 25 minutes, and Magic Ears places the students rather than allowing parents to choose. The available time slots are somewhat limited compared to VIPKID, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. For more detailed information, check our their website here.

The initial application is simple and to the point. Make sure you have a copy of your resume and teaching certificate available. I also recommend recording a short introduction video to expedite the interview process. Nothing fancy, just a “Hi, I’m so and so, and this is why I’m awesome” type of thing. Mine was 30 seconds. After that, you will either be able to immediately schedule an live interview or recorded demo, or if you did not upload an intro video they will make you wait a couple of days before they send the invitation to schedule. You then are able to download the Magic Ears teaching platform to begin preparation, which honestly, looks amazing. Clean, simple, interactive, and clear instructions on each slide. You will need to download Skype to get through the rest of the interview process, so make sure your computer is compatible.

I have my interview in two days, so I will update more then on the rest of the process…Stay tuned.

Read about my interview here!

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