On another side hustle note….MTurk anyone?

While I have not been faithful to VIPKID these past months, I am always loyal to my hustle. I needed to find something that was low maintenance and not very time consuming that could also be done from the comfort of my room with a laptop or phone or tablet. Enter Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. Work so mind numbingly menial they couldn’t even get a monkey to do it. However this couch potato is more than willing.

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 9.23.53 PM

First of all, lower your expectations. You’re not going to get rich turking by ANY means. The concept is this. Perform a multitude of short tasks for pennies that eventually add up to dollars. You will have to push yourself to hit minimum wage. BUT here’s the thing. I do this during time I would normally be jacking off on my phone looking at Facebook anyway when the baby is asleep.

Some of the tasks are actually fun. Sample work so far includes: detailing shopping receipt prices and items; looking at pictures of faces and deciding what emotion they are portraying; coming up with questions in relationship to verbs in a sentence structure; and my least favorite so far, creating bounding boxes around shipping label codes and tracking numbers. You can find anything from transcription work to university study participation. I enjoy the variety. I also enjoy that most tasks only take a few minutes, so in the event of an upset baby it is easy to finish quickly OR just set the damn computer down.

The more you turk, the more turkey you can make…Wow that was bad, but I can’t bring myself to delete it. If you are unable to decode my terrible pun, that just means the more jobs you do, the more access you get to higher paying work. Anyway, I say there is no harm in it if you are interested. I think of it as little mind exercises and only try to take jobs I find somewhat interesting. There are thousands of tasks available at any given time so there is bound to be something that tickles your fancy.

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