VIPKID: A Quiz and a Mock Class

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You got the interview…you passed the Demo Class…They even sent you a contract!!! Time to teach, right? WRONG. There is one more phase to the multi-level hiring process at VIPKID.

Teacher Prep. First, you will have a couple of days to review all of the teaching prep material and take a short quiz. You can take it multiple times if you need to. *Tip* The quiz is primarily about technology and standards, so make sure you read and watch everything from these two sections of the prep material.  I would also recommend reviewing the curriculum introduction for Level 2. They do not ask you specifically about curriculum in the quiz, so if you want to book your mock AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, I would get the quiz out of the way and go back and review the “Theory” for each level later once you have booked your Mock Class. The booking times for this are much more flexible because most of the Mock Class Mentors are American.  You will have six days after completing the quiz to do your mock.

The Mock Class. If you do AMAZINGLY well at your first Mock Class, you will be offered a contract and begin teaching. This doesn’t happen often, so don’t get discouraged if you need to do Mock 2. If you do a good job and the practicum instructor feels that you have the talent, but they believe you need to work on a few things, you will continue on to the Mock 2 class to prove your ability to take constructive criticism and apply it to your skill set.

So what can you expect at your first Mock Class? It is basically an extension of everything you did in the demo, except this time you will teach a full 25 minute class. Your target audience is still a very young student with little or no English speaking ability. Practice the same methods I discussed for the demo class. Use all of the feedback you received from your demo and apply it now! Also, if you don’t have a background and light set up yet, you probably should. See what I use HERE

Thisis what you can expect:

  1. The entire process is one hour long. Make sure you are there EARLY. I can not stress the importance of being on time and prepared enough.
  2. The first five minutes you will introduce yourself briefly to your Mock Class Mentor. You will most likely see an American face at this stage.
  3.  You will have about 15 minutes to teach slides 1-14. Timing is everything. Anticipate approximately one minute per slide. You can spend less time on the first few warm up slides to give yourself some breathing room later. If you  find yourself falling behind, make sure you at least touch on one or two of the items on each slide. Remember to encourage your student to speak in complete sentences, even if they are just repeating what you say.
  4. Once you have finished slide 14, your mentor will stop you and give feedback. Listen carefully to what they say, because you will be graded on your ability to APPLY this information in the second half of the mock. I was allowed to ask questions at this phase, but I was so nervous my mind went blank. That’s ok! But if you like to be super prepared, have some questions jotted down before you even start.
  5. Now you will finish the lesson slides 15-23. Again, USE THE FEEDBACK YOU WERE GIVEN BY THE MENTOR. If you do NOTHING ELSE, make sure to demonstrate that you can take their critique and apply it on the fly (with a smile of course)
  6. If your timing was good and  you finish on time,  your mentor will give you feedback again for the last 10 minutes and ask you questions about how you think you did, what you would improve upon, etc. If your mentor has to stop you before you finish, it’s not the end of the world. Use that as a talking point during the feedback.
  7. AND NOW, YOU WAIT! You will receive an email with your results, just like with the interview/demo. It could be hours or it could be days. The email will explain whether a) you are hired,  b) you passed to Mock 2, or c) you just aren’t what the company is looking for right now. If for some reason you fall into the last category, don’t be discouraged. We have more applicants than ever which means it is HARD to get through. The good news is,  you can take everything you learned and apply again with a new email address, or just wait out the three months.

I know, I know. This sounds like a lot. Too many hoops. But trust me, it’s necessary and totally worth it. Teaching in an online environment is a whole different animal than anything you’ve ever done before, and you will be grateful on your first day when you nervously await your first, sweet little Chinese student.

I will admit there are WAY TOO MANY “helpful” videos out there at this point. Save yourself some time and don ‘t get too caught up in the youtube hype. I only used a few to prepare for the mock, and Hope Williams was my favorite teacher simply because she teaches in a style that I am comfortable with. I also watched Sharon Tavares, and what do you know, she was my mock mentor! I want to stress how important it is not to copy these teacher videos exactly. Your mentors have seen them all (and some of them might have even made a few!). They want to see YOU. So if you watch a ton of videos, remember to use the information and make the class your own. There is more competition than ever for these positions, so bring them YOU, because you are unique!

***Please keep in mind that VIPKID regularly changes the hiring process. Things might not go down exactly as I have described. They’ve added some options that I can’t speak to because I did not go through them. However, the tips I have given here still stand and will help you get hired.

You want to teach with VIPKID? CLICK HERE to apply.

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