Fidget Spinners: Another teacher complaining?

Yes, I am.

I read this article about fidget spinners and couldn’t agree more. Check it out.…/4774…/fidget-spinners-adhd-anxiety-stress/

My two cents as a teacher? I have always kept a few foam squishy toys to *discreetly* offer my constant tappers, wigglers, fidgeters, standers, and walkers because it is something that has worked for my anxiety (I am a tapper). I have only had two students actually benefit from my “fidget toys”. One was a student who compulsively picked off his SKIN AND HAIR, and having something to mutilate other than himself was a huge benefit. Every day when he came to class he would ask me for it, and eventually I sent him home with a few to keep at all times. Another was a boy who was absolutely brilliant, but could not sit still and could barely get through a thought without being distracted. A fidget toy made a SMALL difference for him refocusing his energy. The rest of the students I tried this with have always just caused a distraction with them. Two students out of hundreds that I have taught actually saw a benefit, and one was so marginally small I don’t even know if I can count it. Put that in  your research.

And this particular toy is no different. There is no cure all for ADHD, ADD, Anxiety, Depression…To mass market a product like this and give hope to struggling parents is terrible…but it’s more terrible to turn mental disorders into a children’s toy for recess. I’m sorry, but I am pretty sure the entire 5th grade class does NOT have ADHD…Just sayin…

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